Sound design
Never Touch The Ground – Priscila Fernandes, 2020 Video Fragment (01:08)
MAAT – Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology – 29/10 - 18/2/2021 Lisboa
Camera: Bas Czerwinski, Sound: Mirjam Somers
Sound design
Iedereen Is Dood Behalve Wij – Mels van Zutphen, 2020 Video Fragment (01:36)
Een kunstwerk van Ben Zegers ihkv 750 jaar Rotterdam
in opdracht van (SIR) Sculpture International Rotterdam
Sound design
Design van het Derde Rijk een film van Yvo Zijlstra - Design Museum Den Bosch
Den Bosch 8/9/2019 – 1/3/2020
Sound design & music
Guardian, Tales of Sentience – Mirjam Somers 2018 Video (04:58)
If both child and animal are associated with innocence and the ability to live in the here and now, what does it then mean, when this animal forms a traumatised neurotic shadow of its own bestiality?
Off-Crimmp _Cinema, OCW Rotterdam 26 October 2018, Off Screen # 1 2019, Premiere Rotterdam 16 January 2019
Sound design & music
Het Ding (Untitled, 1957) - Mels van Zutphen, 2018 Video fragment (01:51), Video (16:20)
In this short documentary film a paneled-up sculpture of Naum Gabo at the Bijenkorf in Rotterdam slowly becomes visible during months of restoration. Through elusive images and sounds, and fragments of Naum Gabo’s modernist speech, the movie guides viewers towards the Gabo’s final unveiling. The film was commissioned by CBK Rotterdam / Sculpture International Rotterdam. “Het Ding “ (‘The Thing’ is one of the sculpture’s nicknames).
Première Utrecht NFF 30 September 2018, Pleinbioscoop Rotterdam 13 August 2018, IFFR Rotterdam 25 January 2019
Sound design & music
I-Portrait - Jacqueline Hassink 2018 - multi-channel video installation Video (22:22)
An installation shot entirely on iPhone and aptly titled iPortrait brings the viewers’ attention to the startling amount of time spend underground and online by the 49 million commuters being transported every day by the metros of New York, Shanghai, London, Paris, Seoul and Tokyo.
Nederlands Fotomuseum - Rotterdam, January / May 2018, Fondazione MAST - Bologna, 4 September 2018 /13 January 2019, Wind of Time festival – Lianzhou Museum of Photography - 1 December 2018 / 3 January 2019
Sound design & music
Infinity Kitchen MVRDV Video (08:17)
Huub Laurens
YouTube 2016
Sound design/installation & music
De Aanval
Onderzeebootloods RDM
Rotterdam 2015
Sound restoration & design
Shivering in Gaza
Geert van Kersteren
Tel Aviv 2015
Sound design & mix
The Speed of Light Video fragment (01:59)
Mels van Zutphen
Off Screen/Worm Rotterdam 2015
Foley & sound design
Complex Moral Universe Video fragment (01:17)
Mirjam Somers
Sub Urban Video Lounge
Rotterdam 2014
Sound design & music (with Piet Legerstee)
Inner Canon (Regel van het Inwendige) Video fragment (01:54)
Arlette Boerlage
HAFF Utrecht 2013
Sound design & mix
Eversteijn, Bokser, Herenkapper
Carel van Hees
Museum Boymans van Beuningen 2012
Sound design & mix (with Pierre Bastien)
De Stad Die Nooit Rust 1928 Video fragment (02:08)
Andor von Barsy
IFFR 2011
Sound, sound design & music (with Servaas Schreuders)
Andre Schreuders
Quinzaine des Rèalisateurs Cannes 2010
Sound installation
A Star Is Born
Museum Folkwang Essen 2010
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